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Kissan Logistic And Packers Pvt.Ltd. Guwahati is the most reliable packers and movers in the city known for offering end-to-end solutions. We overcome all hurdles and allay all reasons of stress and worry in order to make your relocation from Guwahati the most convenient and smoothest. We are also known for doing helpful, professional and reliable removals to and from this fastest growing city in the Northeast.

We, Kissan Logistic And Packers in Guwahati, have been a quality-conscious company from our inception. We render our services in accordance with the industry’s best standards. Right from the moment you submit a query to us through to we seek your feedback, all you are going to experience is expertise and professionalism at their best. We are a client-centric organization with an impressively large happy-client base. As far as the safety of your goods is concerned, we observe the highest degree of accountability and sincerity towards it. Plus, we know that time is of much essence. No wonder our services are recognized as safe, smooth and timely. On top of everything however is the fact we do not ask you to loosen your pocket strings much even for such world-class services.

Kissan Logistic And Packers Guwahati has evolved into a full-service relocation company offering a comprehensive list of services. With this capacity and skill, we have become a one-stop destination for all moving needs. We are sought
for services including but not limited to the following:

Domestic Relocation
International Relocation
Corporate Moving
Car Transportation
Home Storage
In order to outgrow ourselves rendering standard services and to walk the extra mile for our clients, we have come up with more special services. We own a fleet of Special Carriers, which enable us to deliver your household and car both at the same time, in case that’s what you wish for. Besides, we also have facility to keep your goods in our safe custody for as long as you want at your destination place. This is our much acclaimed Home Storage solutions. We are able to offer these solutions by having at the back our services our original concept of Trucking Cubes, our own spacious warehouses and easy access to other warehouses.

We Kissan Logistic And Packers Guwahati ensure our services to be on par in at least three basic parameters, which are safety, efficiency and speed. We know how precious your personal effects are to you; that even a minute scratch or chipping can break your heart. That’s what pushes us to take utmost care of your belongings till the last mile we cover and the last item we handle. Along
with safety, we ensure that the movement of your goods is really smooth, without any break or delay beyond logic in the process. We are also capable of expediting transfer of goods as is wished by our clients. So, no matter how complex your relocation is, we can definitely work out a plan most suitable for you.

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