Air & Sea Transportation

Air transport is one of the most popular and modern mode of transportation, which is used to move time-critical materials. Since air transportation is costly and not economical for high volume of good movements, low weight materials/packages are transported using this mode of transportation. The recent tax relaxation on air fuel makes air transportation much cheaper and accessible.

Sea transport has gained a lot of popularity. Maximum freight is sent by sea. Sea transport is far more economical than air transport. Sea transport is mostly used for longer distance freight carriage, but it can be used for even domestic transportation between various cities within a nation. Sea transport can be used in order to ship materials in larger volume and especially in case of import or export. We can use sea transport to ship any material that can be transported. Sea transportation delivery is generally slower than road or air transport, which is comparably faster. So, in order to move the time-critical materials, sea transport may not be a good choice, but yes it is economical.

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